Saturday, May 30, 2009

Orlando NBA Playoffs

Well here we are once again in Orlando for some great NBA basketball. We arrived yesterday evening due to a late departure out of the base in Pompano due to some dicey weather. Tonight I will be covering game 6 of the eastern conference finals, hoping that Orlando wins so it doesn't go to a game 7. The weather looks as if it should be a pleasant flight considering our trip up here last week was rainy and T storms everyday. I guess I will enjoy the weather while I can considering this will be last day before the official hurricane season starts. Lucky June 1st seems like it is always just a couple of days away. I once again will be glued to the eastern Atlantic as I tend to watch low pressures fly off the coast of Africa wondering what mother nature will throw at us this year. I have now been in Florida almost 3 years, and there must be some good luck on my side. I have yet to get even brushed a full blown hurricane, but there have been some pretty nasty tropical depressions. Well I guess I will keep everyone informed on how this hurricane season will effect us here in Florida. We are at the mercy of the Atlantic waters until November. Hopefully we won't have to run to far from home, and I really don't want to test out my new hurricane shutters!! I'm off for a nap before my long enduring flight tonight. I will put some pictures up later, but for now I'm OUT!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Off

Well here it is Thursday May 28th and I'm just sitting around getting geared up to leave town once again. I have been in Orlando covering the NBA playoff for the past 5 days and just getting back into town. The weather here in South Florida has been raining for the past 2 weeks. The summer time has finally arrive with a really wet start. The trip up was interesting with isolated thunderstorms from all directions, but it seemed to be perfect timing to get the ship masted before it all closed in around us. I'm not a big fan of the Orlando area considering I lived there for a brief time in my life due to those little things they call blimps. The traffic is terrible, and the people think that Mickey Mouse is on every corner? We did however stay in a really nice hotel they call the Peabody. It all has to do with the ducks that everyone seems to love. They have there own room in the hotel, and they come down the elevator every morning to there little fountain where they spend the day in the lime light. It is by far one of the funniest things I've seen at a hotel, and God knows I stay in a whole bunch of hotels. I'm thinking I should do hotel reviews by now. We were in full travel mode considering every time we travel to northern Florida most of the wives/girlfriends and kids travel with us. I think that its best when everyone travels, because it reminds me when I was a kid doing the same thing. We did get to do aerial coverage for one game, but the second game was stormy and we couldn't get off the ground. So now the Orlando Magic are up on Cleveland 3-1 in the series and my schedule has a lot riding on this series considering we have to fly back to Orlando tomorrow or stay put until the Finals come around on June 4th. All and all I can careless who wins the series, I know that LA will win it all!! So I guess I will get back to laundry, packing , and watching some basketball. I think I carried my first blog on a little to long.... Corky OUT!